About Us

Krikla is a London-based interior design and decoration studio creating timeless and authentic interiors tailored to individual styles. They deliver a multistage design service for both residential and commercial clients.

Led by the architectural features of each space, Krikla creates inspirational eclectic interiors with ethnic flavour, where decor dominates, yet does not disturb the aesthetic balance.

Having launched a showroom of a curated collection of antique and vintage pieces, design furniture, and decorative and fine arts in 2014 Krikla has been offering its services in interiors since 2016, combining a distinctive decorative approach with effective management. You can expect high standards and a complete end-to-end home renovation service. The team takes pride in offering a positive experience and believes the key to success is a combination of ingenuity, guidance, communication, presentation and of course, delivery.

What services do you provide?

Interior Design, procurement and project coordination

How would you describe your style?

"Krikla's interiors are in an eclectic style for one single reason. It gives an enormous flexibility to work with the individual tastes of our clients. 

Eclectic style incorporates a mix of different design elements from various periods, styles and cultures. It is all about combining different pieces to create a cohesive and unique look that reflects the homeowner's personality and taste. 

In an eclectic interior, you may find a mix of vintage and contemporary furniture, bold patterns and colours, and a variety of textures and materials. This style often involves layering different elements to create a visually appealing and dynamic space."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"Our recently completed project is a six-bedroom Victorian terraced house - a complete change from the current outdated decor and unsuitable layout. The house has been developed by an architect and the client wanted a complete redesign in a traditional style but without being too conservative.

Krikla stepped in to work from the design concept for the newly created rooms and then on to the implementation. A full end-to-end Interior Design service.

For this project, the client imagined a welcoming, cosy, inspiring and easy-going home fully in line with their personal aesthetic. They needed to improve the furniture, lighting and electricity layout, created by the architect, in accordance with the family of six and their traffic and habits. Krikla needed to plan the storage in every bedroom, dressing room, utility, and kitchen as well as the shelving unit for the large collection of kids' books. 

The clients are big lovers of colours and patterns but required guidance on how to use patterns in one space, how to dilute the traditional style using contemporary pieces and how to incorporate the existing furniture into the new concept. In addition to that, every family member had specific requirements towards their own rooms. The biggest challenge here was to find a way to marry ingredients we specified in the brief and add the new ones to complement the existing items."

Anna Yanovski