About Us

Established in 2013 by Kat Turner and Jessica Gibbons, with locations in London and Manchester, Field Day Studio has worked on projects ranging from Grade II listed townhouses, London family homes and rambling country conversions, in locations throughout the UK.  

Field Day recognises the extraordinary trust placed in them by their clients and for that reason, they strive to create homes that are thoughtful, considered and meaningful for their clients. They use an in-depth consultative approach, to produce designs that are inspired and informed by the families who live there. 

In each project, a bespoke concept is created, meaning their interiors are never prescriptive or contrived: each home tells its own unique story, through the Field Day lens. Kat and Jess, lead the design, drawings and delivery of every project, focusing on being a safe pair of hands for their clients on every level.

How would you describe your style?

"Thoughtful, soulful interiors with enduring appeal. Timeless, mellow homes, shaped by client-led concepts and sensitive to the architecture of the property. 

Our palettes of colour, material and texture are heavily influenced by nature and we are inspired by the feeling of depth and authenticity this brings to a space. We love to work with colour in an exciting and nuanced way combining exciting decorative finishes with antique pieces to produce beautiful, quality space, which stands the test of time and trends."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"We recently completed an Arts and Crafts style home in Putney, London. Our client’s brief asked that we respond creatively to the Arts and Crafts style of the house, celebrating those principles of beauty, originality and creative flair whilst also creating a warm, modern home. As with many of our clients, it was important that the design felt naturally evolved, with lots of cosy details, texture and personality. 

The first stage as always, is to get to know our clients on a personal level and to establish what makes them really happy, in life and in their home. It’s very much our belief that an interior can change your life for the better, so understanding how that might look, is key to our process. We discuss images and interiors they love, and places they’ve visited all to establish the nuances of their style preferences. From there, we produced their concept, “A Life Less Ordinary”; a visual narrative that informs the design in every way, from colour, texture and energy, to planning, utility and bespoke joinery detailing. 

We plan each layout meticulously, carving out extra space and maximising what is available to really improve the function of the house: creating a larder, dressing room and library in the process. Bespoke joinery was designed for each of these spaces reflecting the artisanal focus of the brief but also creating highly functional spaces, full of character. We work with our team of trusted tradespeople to solve problems and create bespoke solutions wherever we can. 

From an aesthetic perspective, we were inspired by our concept (A Life Less Ordinary) to create a home beyond the expected, celebrating beauty, warmth and flair in our choice of colours, finishes, lighting and furniture pieces. In this home, as is often the case, we love to work with vintage and antique pieces and love the sense of story it brings to this project and in all our work."

10. Image 1 and 2, 5-9: Dean Hearne; Image 3 and 4: Emma Lee