About Us

COR – meaning colour in Portuguese – is a boutique end-to-end interior design studio run by Brazilian designer Camila O. Rodrigues, whose mission is to design timeless, classy, and vibrant spaces.

Camila brings life and colour to her work. Originally from São Paulo, Brazil - a city that blends fast-paced city living with a vibrant tropical backdrop - her upbringing exposed her to culture, diversity, the arts, and the beauty of wildlife and nature.

Interior design has always meant a lot more than beauty and aesthetics for her. It is a way of inspiring and making one feel tranquil and grounded. 

Having studied at the British Academy of Interior Design, Camila settled in London and works with people and businesses that want to create unique spaces where their identity shines, leaving a mark on all those who pass through.

The studio team tailors the design around their customer's needs, requirements, and individuality. The interiors COR London creates are thoughtful as everything needs to be there with a purpose; functionality is also vital to the harmony of the space.

COR London's ethos is to create a mood and an experience, remaining unique to the core and not being shackled by a particular style but reflecting a given story; whilst staying environmentally considerate and having fun!

How would you describe your style?

"Our style is driven by emotions. We always ask how you want to feel in the space and what you want the room to transmit for who is in it. After all, we are indoors most of the time, so we understand the interiors play a significant role in how we feel and navigate life.

Our schemes showcase strong materiality, particularly of natural materials, cohesive colour scheme, and a mix of the old and the new. Nature and art are at the centre stage for us; it brings life, character, originality and fun.

We design spaces to tell our client’s story, to be textural and layered, vibrant but peaceful, unique, and inspiring.

We like to call our design style artful and soulful."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"We have recently completed a penthouse refurbishment project in Old Street. Our client asked us to help bring his flamboyant but mountain-boy personality into the space and to create a unique bachelor pad for his busy and sociable life. We changed the layout entirely to allow our client to host large groups of people and have a better traffic flow and harmony in the space. We have also enhanced the lighting plan and upgraded the flooring, wall coverings, balustrade, and fixtures. We also designed several bespoke cabinets and features, such as the fluted room divider, the headboard and its wall texture - all done bespoke and on-site -, a hanging metal bar, and the living room feature wall and a hidden workspace. Finally, we have also developed a synergy between the interiors, terrace and fabulous city views, which wows anyone who walks through the doors."

Patrick Williamson