About Us

Banda believes, first and foremost, that houses should be homes and that spaces should be crafted not only to be lived in, but to be loved. Their pared-back style is neither ephemeral nor imitative and they work to weave contemporaneity with timeless elegance. Banda interiors exceed expectation, precisely because every detail has been so carefully considered.

What services do you provide?

Architecture, Interior Design & Furniture Design.

How would you describe your style?

"A fine balance of intuitive design and meticulous planning underpins everything that we do. We keep a strong focus on the quality, provenance and sustainability of the materials we use, blending the elegance of the traditional with the boldness of the modern."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"At Banda we cover every facet of a property’s story: from helping you find the perfect house or site until the day you turn the key in the door, we offer the comprehensive and completely bespoke services of property search, development, project management and interior design.

London Penthouse (Images 1 & 2): A beguiling mix of rustic look and luxury feel, this particular home has been described as “like stepping into an Old Masters painting”. Vintage oak beams accentuate the double height ceiling in the open plan living space and add a feeling of earthiness which is enhanced by the use of clay plaster on the walls. The colour palette is owned by natural tones blending from olive to taupe, with the calming shades giving a depth that displays a human, artisanal touch.

This gentle, restful space is anchored by the strong geometric lines of the fireplace in bold Nero Marquina marble and statement lighting that provides just the right amount of juxtaposition to the softness. The design throughout celebrates unfettered simplicity. In the kitchen we focussed heavily on natural, earthy tones with lots of warm textured wood working in harmony with the cool, grey marble surfaces. The chevron flooring gives a sharp contemporary look, but the use of multiple shades gives a scattering of warmth and variation throughout. In the living and bedroom areas natural fabrics such as linen, jute and wool work together, easing from one shade to another within their neutral palette to create a serene and welcoming sanctuary."

Photographs: BANDA