About Us

Alidad Ltd is the last word in timeless bespoke interior design and decoration for new residences, period homes, as well as restoration projects of historic houses. Studio Alidad is the simpler, fresher, ‘ready-to-wear’ arm of the firm but with the same attention to detail.

What services do you provide?

Architecture, Interior Design

How would you describe your style?

I aim to create a lived-in ambience that is, above all, a home and not a showcase for fashion or trends. I take multiple elements from past centuries and blend them into my own 21st century form. My designs and concept embrace the creation of something new while conveying the impression that much has been restrained and restored to some degree. An interior is like a glove that fits one hand- and that hand is the clients'.

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

My sources of inspiration are eclectic but the most vital thing about each project is working with and understanding the client. I never walk into a project with preconditioned ideas. I must meet with the client; understand them, who they are, how they are and how they want to live. Once I have established that picture I instinctively know what to bring in. This particular London based project presented numerous obstacles, mainly rising from the huge scale of the work; 22,000 square feet in central London. We had to go down two floors to create spaces for a swimming pool, cinema and gym. Everything was completely bespoke and certain areas presented more of a problem than others. I like dividing my projects into different categories; primary, secondary etc. For a large project, such as this, I ideally want to bring in different styles, more modern, comfortable and easy going family areas as well as more formal areas, such as the drawing or dining room.

Photographs: James McDonald